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Vintage.....As the Path of Least Resistance!

Though it was decades ago.. I still remember clearly, my very first vintage dress...

It's brown and green paisley print made me feel so grownup..
It was a cotton batiste shirtwaist dress from the early 60s, which had cuffed short sleeves, with box pleats all around the skirt, a square neckline and a wide self fabric belt....It also had the fab, Mr. Eddie label.

I was only in 5th grade but that garment fit me perfectly.. as if it were made only for me.......I think that I fell in love with vintage CLOTHES at that point and with the 'Mr. Eddie Label.....

So one could say, that the inspiration for my shop had it's start in that 5th grade Summer.... For that was the beginning of my appreciation for beautiful vintage garments and accessories...and the very start of my addiction to the HUNT.

Of course, on the long way round to actually opening shop, I've built many fab personal Collections, from 60s box purses to colorful shawls from Guatemala.. And maybe best of all, I have made some lovely and treasured friendships with other vintage addicts like myself...

Besides my roving eye for great clothing design, I've acquired a taste for preserving (and passing on) other vintage and antique treasures, along with those fab vintage textiles.

I believe by preserving vintage, I am celebrating the efforts and fine workmanship of dressmakers, furniture makers, jewelsmiths and other artists and craftsmen of the past, many names and faces that we may never definitively know....

After all those years with vintage fever, it has become second nature for me to want to own THAT beautiful and unique piece of someone else's vintage-stuff-for-sale.....
Oh, I have little will power....Hence, I follow the path of least resistance.....I buy it and take it home with me (if at all possible)...... I call this my Vintage therapy..

GoodEye.Etsy.Com is my online shop, which offers some of those treasured finds. This USA collection is maintained in Texas, New York and Louisana....
owner, maker, designer, curator
One of the most important things that I can say about myself, is that I am passionate about good design.

My personal style favors 60s mod and the geometrics,

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