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GoodNosh's Shop Announcement

*~*~*PLEASE NOTE!~*~*~* The cost of shipping via priority mail has just been raised; as such my shipping rates have necessarily increased as well! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Welcome to my shop! Here at Good Nosh you can find all sorts of low-carb and grain-free baked goods that are tasty yet made with wholesome, nutritious, natural foods! I don't use any highly processed "low carb" flours, or any of the sugar substitutes with dangerous side-effects. I do use xylitol in most of my recipes, so if you're new to sugar alcohols be sure to start out slowly until you see how you handle them. Too much xylitol can cause gastrointestinal upset if you're not adjusted to it. For this reason, and for best taste, I almost always use a combination of sweeteners (xylitol, erythritol, and stevia) in my recipes, but for someone who has never had xylitol before, it may still cause discomfort if you eat too much at once. Also, xylitol has been shown to be HIGHLY TOXIC to dogs, so please never give your pet even a little bit of my baked goods as they're almost certain to contain xylitol!

All orders are baked and shipped Monday and Tuesday only, in order to ensure optimal freshness upon arrival. I am glad to bake and ship later in the week if you want to risk an order sitting in the post office over Sunday, but it is not my preferred method. I do work part-time at another job as well, so I can't always fulfill orders after Tuesday, even upon request. Also keep in mind that your order will be fulfilled in order of receipt; if I have many orders in a given week (such as during holidays!) your order may have to wait until the following week, so please be patient!

Be sure to store your goodies in the refrigerator for optimal freshness, too! While all my baked goods have been tested and stay good for a long time even at room temperature, they will stay fresh longest if refrigerated or properly frozen -- especially during the summer months when they spend several days (during shipment) in extremely high temperatures!

Tempted to make an order, but worry that maybe my baked goods aren't as tasty as they look? Read what my customer's are saying about my products:

"This is why I love Etsy - it gave me the opportunity to find something that seems tailor made for me!"

"I want more!"


"These were sooooo gooood. I only wish we'd had more and in different flavors! Moist, sweet, flavorful, low carb and sugar free. Now that's a great treat!"

"These are every bit as good as they look in the picture. So yummy!"

"These are absolutely awesome. There's no difference between these and any homemade peanut butter cookie that would appear in your dreams."

" You are awesome and so are your baked goods!"

"YUM! This tastes better than any "real" peanut butter cookie I've ever had!"

"Her PB cookies are good!"

"Since finding out I needed to go GF I've sampled quite a few baked goods (there are a lot of options here in NYC) but yours are by far the best and I love the fact that they are sugar-free without being made with malitol, etc. Thank you and you definitely have a long-term customer in me!"

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