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* From your flowers we can make rosaries, necklace/ bracelet/ earring sets, key chains and more!

Flowers from
* Wedding * Funeral * Valentine's Day * Mother's Day * Any Occasion

* Please contact us for details.

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Long, long ago the knights in the castle used to pick the petals and cook them to fragrant the castle. Then the mush would be shaped into beautiful beads and given to 'their lady' as a token of their love. With the scent of the rose faintly there to remind them of their knights while they were parted. Then, in time, the rose petal beads were incorporated into the Catholic religion as beads for their rosaries.

If you like a crucifix or center on one rosary and beads on another we are more than happy to change them so you get the rosary you really like! If you are considering purchasing more than one item send a message and we will offer a discount. We also do custom orders with your rose petals! (We can make beads from most any flower)
Thank you! Be sure to visit often!

We make rose petal beads from your special roses, (funerals, weddings, Mother's Day bouquets, Valentine's Day bouquets... any occasion you want!) From the beads we can make rosaries, jewelry or key chains. Our custom prices are super reasonable.

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