GorillaCrochetbySaph's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Etsy shop!

I make Crochet items of every sort and size. I am able to design almost anything and have yet to be stumped on a design so whatever you need just ask!
A little about me...
I am a stay at home Mom with a love and natural talent at the art of Crochet. I have been told for years by friends and family that I should use my talent to help support my family.
I started on ebay in January of 2007 and found overwhelming success, so much so that I could hardly keep up with the demand for my items. It became so that I could not afford to spend any time online answering peoples questions as I would fall behind on my orders. So my solution was to start up an independent sales site and move my items here to Etsy where people understand they are buying new handcrafted items so that I can offer my customers top quality items and great customer service while still seeing a profit for the many hours I put into these items. I am always willing to accept custom requests and I have not been stumped on a design yet! I do create my own patterns for these items and I do not write them down so this makes each item a one of a kind original. There are many copycats but mine have unmatched quality and care put into them. This kind of detail and quality takes time so patience is essential as my appliques take me 20-30 minutes each to complete and I only offer them at these low prices because I enjoy working on these and it is a job I can happily do while I care for my family. Please check my FAQ page at my main website www.gorillacrochet.com for pictures and fun stuff related to my crocheting and other interests I have. If you have a special need please do not hesitate to contact me as I do set aside weekends as family time but I am willing in special cases to do a rush order on a Saturday.
Thank You to all of my great customers for making it possible for me to branch out independent of ebay!!
Please contact me for anything you may need that is not listed in my store.