GossamerBeams' Shop Announcement

Announcement: There will be new items coming over the holiday break! Some things will be revamped and new items that we have not carried before will be up!

The night is dark, cool, and quiet. Silken tendrils of mist drift through the clearing, as you walk the woodland path toward a pool of deep, clear water… the beams of the Full Moon shine dappled through the trees and play upon the mists as Luna moths flit hither and thither upon gossamer wings… a breeze gentle as breath ripples the mirrored surface of the pool as you kneel beside it.

Welcome to the world of Gossamer Beams… home of body-care products as natural as a woodland glade, and as soft as the brush of a Luna’s wings. They will leave your hair and skin with a glow as rich and mystical as moonlight through the trees, as gentle on your body as the caress of an evening breeze. Enter, and embrace the magic…

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.