GraceElements' Shop Announcement

I'm going to be closing my Etsy shop soon, so let's have a sale! Use code ITALLGOES to get 33% off your entire purchase.

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I have been making jewelry for nearly twenty years, and while my styles have changed dramatically in that time, one thing has remained constant. I have a deep appreciation for how the elements combine in nature to produce beautiful gemstones and minerals. Bringing together the stones I love and exploring color combinations and texture fulfills my creative side. Sharing my work with others makes the work complete.

Each piece I make is handmade, unique, a one-of-a-kind necklace featuring semi-precious gemstones, unique metal or stone pendants, and cute button clasps. I try to buy my stones locally when I can to support local businesses, but I also buy materials online from two favorite sources.

My favorite stones include labradorite, amethyst, garnet and jade. I recently have become fascinated by the Tuareg tribes of North Africa and have incorporated some of their metal work into my work. I am also exploring the use of pewter crosses of varying designs to make delicate, rosary-like necklaces. Also recently I've taken up wire wrapping and I have to say I'm addicted!

I also use the swirl design in my jewelry often. I've used several variations of the swirl design, but they all go back to the Maori swirl, or koru. This swirl represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change, new life, good luck and harmony. To me it also represents the new directions I take in my jewelry, searching for that perfect design that speaks to me and hopefully to the person that wears the necklace.

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