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Earth Friendly Shop of my own Bohemian Gypsy style. I hand make unique fabric bags and refashion one-of-a-kind clothing for women. You're welcome to come and explore my creations in a harmonious blend of new, used, vintage, and other as-found materials.

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I love working with a variety of deep rich colors and natural earth tones. Most of my bags are handmade with soft velvets and thick chenilles. My clothing are refashioned, altered couture projects of vintage and gently worn garments. I seek the softest fabrics for your everyday comfort. Imagine "favorite sweater" softness.

My OOAK creations are personally handmade from start to finish. Heavily embellished creations take me days to complete, while simpler projects may take only hours. Some embellishments (lacy stampings, crocheted flowers, wired purse charms, etc.) are created specially for certain projects. Thread is used to secure embellishments either by hand or machine stitchings. My passion here is to create for those who value the true handiwork of handmade artisans. Quality not quantity is my focus.

Come stroll through my boutique of art to see if I've captured the essence of your unique bohemian personality!

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Bohemian Bags and Clothing

Shabby Bags and Clothing

Thank You for Visiting !
Dede :)


A Passion for Creating brings Contentment.
~~ Dede


All my bags are unique, one-of-a-kind creations.

I see bag shapes and designs everywhere I look, and sometimes in dreams. I jot down what I can remember but most are forgotten. Although I do keep a sketchbook of bag designs, those sketches are basically used for reference or as starting points. The nature of my materials and supplies is another reason why my creations are so unique. The materials that I use are not always readily available but are searched for like hidden treasures. Their true beauty comes alive like an orchestra of senses when combined with other lucky findings. And as always, the thoughts and mood of any artist can be felt through his or her creations.

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