GrandpaToys' Shop Announcement

Knock, knock!
Who's there? Oh, it doesn't matter.
If your door is closed for a reason, you just might want to have a Door Face share a message. (Dorm room Door Faces can be polite, yet, firm -- and, very discreet.) Just tell Grandpa Toys how you'd like yours to look and what you'd like him or her to say -- or, think (each comes with a cartoon balloon or "thought bubble").

Two things to remember as you scan my one-of-a-kind, folk-art creations:
1. Shipping is always included; and,
2. Grandpa Toys says, "Custom pieces don't require more time or more glaze." Got something in mind? Send me a note. Need some ideas? Check out photos of some of the art I've created for family and friends on my GrandpaToys Facebook Fan page. (There's a link from the About page.)

I hope you enjoy your visit to my shop. Thanks for stopping by.