Flower Inspired Jewelry and Accessories

hair barrettes made with tiny glass seed beads
magical terrarium necklace with moss and roses
recycled broken china bracelets
trumpet flower garden charm necklace
flower charm bracelets

What a long strange trip it's been.....

For as long as i can remember i have been inspired to create. i am grateful for everyday that i have been given this gift as an artist.
Living in Santa Cruz and traveling up and down this beautiful coast, meeting new people, and sharing my art, only enhances my everyday inspirations.
I work in several mediums.Always incorporating the many treasures that i gather along the way. Many of my ideas come from my beautiful organic flower garden that i passionately nurture right outside my studio.The flowers, leaves, the color and shapes, all draw me into creating and inspires new ideas.
The bees, butterflies and garden dwellers, pixies and fairies also inspire.
Simple things really, yet so complex in the beauty they exude. My roses grow beautiful and strong and when they are finished showing off i collect all the petals and bring them inside where they will eventually become fragrant rose petal beads and be strong once more.
It is my gentle belief that when treated with the love and respect it deserves, this earth will provide me with all that is needed to express myself through art. ~*~
Owner, Pixie
my crafting is a blend of Native American tradition, Victorian sensibility, African enthusiasm and a flower child's appreciation for beads. I have been beading for several decades as an antidote to homogenized culture, for creative inspiration and something to do in the meantime. I am always trying new things and incorporating nature themes into my work.

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