GratefulBuns' Shop Announcement

* * * * * Custom orders: I have spent many, many hours creating selections of soakers for SEVERAL custom orders, which in the end were never purchased. While these soakers can always go on open sale, it is the TIME spent on them that I really don't have right now.
Therefore, I will charge a $11 deposit for all custom orders. $10 of it is refundable once the custom order is purchased.

I am sorry I have to do this, but, honestly, how do you feel about taking somebody's time and effort, and then just walking away?

THANK YOU friends and past and future customers!

My husbands disability and our son's health issues are taking a lot of my time, so I won't be able to sew as much as in the years past.

************* A note to Bloggers: If you want to review Grateful Buns products, that's wonderful. Does that mean that I will send a free soaker to everybody who asks? No!

I am terribly sorry if this sounds rude, but I am trying very hard to keep my prices low. My Soakers and Longies already are very reasonably priced compared to other soakers offered on the web, and sending you a free one would mean I'd have to raise prices for my paying customers. Is that fair? Of course not.

It somehow feels like being blackmailed into getting a good review.

I really, really appreciate my customers, many of whom return for additional items.I am all about customer loyalty, and give discounts to returning customers or for multiple purchases.

It is my firm belief that if you make a good, quality product, people will want to talk about it anyway.

To all my customers who leave positive reviews, feedback or postings on youtube:

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! It is greatly appreciated !!!!


Soakers and longies in sizes XL(30 to 40 lbs)and 2XL(over 40 lbs) listed here are all I currently have in stock, due to the limited availability of really, really BIG wool sweater. If you are having a diapering-emergency, feel free to convo me!

UNDERWATER: soakers and longies so thick and absorbent, that if you get a leak, chances are your kid's under water! Please read my feedback for testimonials that Grateful Buns Underwaters are virtually leak proof.

HOWEVER: I didn't "discover" UNDERWATER until after my son was out of diapers, and he did fine with the 'regular' covers. Even those have two layers, which is more than most others........

CUSTOM ORDERS: Pricing for custom orders is the same as for regularly listed covers. I will try to make at least two or three soakers more than what has been requested, so you get a choice of covers to pick from. Whatever you don’t pick will go on open sale.
So, if you see a custom order that you’d like to have, there’s always a chance it might go on open sale after that customer is done. Convo me if you'd like dibs on it.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.