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Grateful Threads creates high quality organic clothing for Green Living.
Affordable, artistic and sustainable.

In our changing economy and environmental issues there are so many of us seeking a more "earth friendly", economical and sustainable way to provide for our daily living needs. Mass production and exploitation of cheap labor has been exposed for what it is and the lives it negatively impacts. Meanwhile there is an ever growing community of small home based businesses that provide high quality sustainable garments. These businesses are growing daily. Supporting home grown businesses like Grateful Threads Organics helps keep the community thriving and stimulates the local economies.

Eco, Green and Re-Fashion are all ideas whose time has arrived and I am happy to be a part of it. Thank you for visiting and supporting independent artists.


About me ~

Hi, my name is Leanna and I am a native of beautiful Miami Beach where colors come to life under an amazingly brilliant tropical sky. My youth was spent in or around the water, my toes in the sand, head in the clouds. I have always been a creative and resourceful soul with a great love of nature and all its creatures. I am an explorer with a terrible case of wanderlust that is always calling to me to discover something new, and since I cannot just pick up and disappear whenever the notion takes me, it is here, in my creativity that I often change my environment, my surroundings. It is the feeling that I strive to convey in my designs.

My creative background has taken me through a variety of mediums. I studied interior design, architecture and art history in college and in the years to follow worked in mosaics, faux painting, collage, photography and in between it all clothing design. It has been my one constant, the creative buzz that I always come back to.

My desire to create clothing came from a need to have original and outrageous clothing. I shopped mostly in thrift stores and created interesting pieces from those that others had discarded. What fun! I even fashioned a pants and halter set from a pair of lace curtains once (I know what you're thinking). Oh, and I am completely self taught.

I have to say that I love what I do. I am inspired daily by my surroundings and in the final meditation of my daily yoga practice I am usually joyously creating new clothing designs.

Namaste ~


I oversee all aspects of clothing production from fabric selection, which is all organic, to the dying which I do myself with plant derivative low impact dyes. All designs are hand cut and all seams serged to create a high quality, lasting garment.

I am developing a new line of clothing that incorporates my organic hemp remnants along with reclaimed fabrics and clothing. The result is a socially responsible and unique in design garment.

All fabric is organic hemp/cotton or locally milled organic cotton. Each listing will specify the fabric used.


A color chart has been included in most listings.

All items are dyed by hand, individually, with natural plant derivative dyes.
~There can be occasional inconsistencies in color due to the dying process.
~The dying process can also vary slightly from batch to batch.
~Color may vary according to your browser and settings.
If you have a specific color request please convo me.

You may also refer to my Facebook page for color examples.

SIZE :::

A general size chart has been included in each listing. Measurements are not imperative but make for a more custom fit garment.
~Pant and skirt lengths are generally long allowing you to adjust them to your desired length. The edges are left raw intentionally and can be cut. This is part of the look of the clothing and not an over site.


Please allow 3 weeks turn over time for your order. If you need an item in a shorter amount of time please convo me.

Be sure to include your size, measurements and color choice in the notes section during check out.

About hemp fiber ~

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers. Clothing made from hemp will outlast clothing made from more conventional fibers by many years. Hemp fiber is strong and will hold its shape, stretching less than other natural fiber. This keeps the garment from stretching out or distorting with use. Hemp gets softer with use and wears in, rather than out, beautifully. It is also naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light.

Hemp is porous and absorbs well therefore when dyed it retains its vibrant color. The porous nature of hemp allows the fabric to breathe making it cool in warm weather. The same principal applies to cooler weather. Air trapped in the fibers is naturally warmed by the body keeping you warm in the garment.


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