Original Art by Abigail Gray Swartz

Running a handmade business while taking care of two little ones is a constant balancing act of savoring the present.
I am currently the Artist of Motherlode, the parenting blog of the NY times.
Paper garlands wrapped and ready to send!
Working outside: experimenting with a watercolor/mono print canvas bag series. Kiddie pool required.

seeking magical moments of rustic escapism

GrayDayStudio was born as a New Year's resolution to put my MFA to good use and make a living as an artist.

My middle name is Gray, I like rainy gray days thus the inspiration behind my studio name.

I believe in living in the moment of doing what you love of leaving your little corner better than how you found it. I find my inspiration from nature, from observing.

Through my atelier I seek to interpret those rare and seemingly fleeting moments of inspiration, of wonder and awe, into practical items of daily use- be it slung over your arm, or hung in your living room.

So, Welcome to my little corner where I hope to share with you a touch of fun and a bit of beauty.
Abigail Gray Swartz
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator, The One With The Ink Stained Hands
I dable in it all, painting, print making, sewing, embroidery, installation...all for my quest of injecting a little daily magic into my life and yours. I earned my MFA from PAFA in 2008. I'm pretty chatty when excited, cheeky, and always knitting.