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Part of my studio- my chaise (fondly known as The Big Pink Happy) and one of my constant helpers- Zelda.
My fabulous "Shoedelier" that I made, wish I could say it was an my idea but I saw one in a magazine and had to make one
My assistants- Daisy, my westie, and Zelda, my Shih Tzu- they aren't really that helpful, but they are cute!

Creativity Run Amok Fuels Great Graphics

I owned a stationery- invitation wholesale business for almost 8 years and sold it several years ago. I helped my husband with his website for his brick and mortar stationery store for a couple of years and missed being creative.

I was looking on Etsy to see about things I could knit, and found that I could actually sell the graphics that I had thousands of from my old business. And then I started making more and more. I love drawing, painting and creating and this is the perfect outlet for all of my creativity.

After about a year of selling graphics and having so many customers asking how to use graphics, what programs, etc... I started another website called My Friend Beth, where I teach people how to use graphics for making invitations, party decorations, melamine and tons of other products using Photoshop Elements- and it is so easy! There is also a GREAT private facebook group where all the members share all sorts of great information

So I get to be creative, I get to help people and have fun at the same time!

you can also find me here:
Beth Picard
owner, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire
Hi, I'm Beth, creative mastermind behind Great Graphics. I love drawing, painting, connecting with my customers, seeing what they make using my graphics and mostly just having fun doing what I do!

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