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GreatStitch Youth Football Birthday Shirt
GreatStitch Youth Football Birthday Shirt

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Fifteen years ago I got a part time job in a sewing and craft store coordinating their educational classes. I worked with the teachers to get samples made and displayed in the store to promote sign-ups for the classes. One day as I working a lady came up and without any introduction told me quite bluntly, "You need better samples!"

At that point I could have been appalled at her directness and been rude in responding. But for some reason that day I chose another path. I thanked her and asked if she had any ideas where I could get them...and that changed my life! It turned out that she owned the largest distributor of heirloom sewing supplies in the country. She was in town visiting her daughter during chemo treatments for her cancer.

That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. She not only gave me better samples for the classes I was trying to organize, but she taught unbelievable classes and shared skills and tips from a lifetime of learning. None of us who knew her during that time have ever been the same. The most important lesson I learned from her wasn't about sewing at all. She taught me to enjoy life while you have it, because there are no re-dos.

I started sewing for my dolls on a treadle sewing machine when I was 11 years old. Over the years I have done everything from wedding gowns to leather horse show shirts.

I found the most fun people to sew for are kids. Their eyes light up and they smile from ear to ear! One little boy's mother told me he went running through the house yelling, "My choo-choo train, my choo-choo train" when he received his shirt. To me there is nothing more gratifying than making a child happy!

After my daughter struggled with and beat cancer 5 years ago, birthdays seem a little more important. It became clear to me that while I wait on grandkids of my own, I can invest in other kids and help their families make lasting memories. So far I have been privileged to be part of more than five thousand birthdays and it just keeps getting better!

My sewing business today is a link to both my kids and this lovely lady and the lessons she taught me about making beautiful things for children...and more importantly making a beautiful life.

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