GreenBirdToys' Shop Announcement

Hello and Welcome to Green Bird Toys! My name is Christina. I make unique, fun bird toys for birds of all sizes. All my toys are handmade by me. I make sure my materials are thoroughly cleaned and are bird safe. I incorporate recycled materials into almost every toy I make. I use materials such as cardboard, straws, gatorade bottles, yougert containers, water bottles, and toliet paper rolls. I get my materials from re-using things I've purchased. I find some of my more unique materials from places like Goodwill or the local flea market. I also have people donate materials as well. All my toys are one of a kind pieces but I am constantly coming up with new creations.

My inspiratioin for making toys came from a necessity. Being on a tight budget I wanted to provide fun and entertainment for my birs at a low cost. Making handmade bird toys seemd to be the perfect solution. I also have a strong desire to help keep the planet green! By using recycled items I am keeping my birds entertained while doing my part in keeping the environment clean! It also provides me with great happiness when I see how much my birds are enjoying their toys!

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If you have any questions about my products or are interested in a custom order, please feel free to contact me through convo on Etsy!


Small Toys: cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, small parakeets, small conures, finches, canaries, and budgies

Medium Toys: caiques, sengals, large conures, quakers, rosellas, large parakeets

Large Toys: amazons, african greys, eclectus, small cockatoos, mini macaws

X-Large toys ONLY available by special request!
large cockatoos and macaws