GreenFrills' Shop Announcement

Summer is undoubtedly here in the mid-south! Hot, sultry days, with thunderstorms that make you JUMP, a garden to tend to and plans in the works for our Fall craft shows. We always love seeing those of you that follow us and this year we have expanded our shows up to the DC area and several in the western part of NC.

Most importantly however, GreenFrills chemo caps have become the most popular item in our shop. Our heart goes out to these brave women and others that go through the battle of this disease that has become one of disproportion. Our caps are made with love for you and from the best cotton/spandex material that provides the best fit, comfy and soft. Whether you are looking for a sleep cap, an extra "pop" of color under a scarf, these caps are perfect! Please remember that our thoughts are with you and we honor our committment of donating a portion of your order to further cancer research.

Thank you for taking your time to visit GreenFrills shop! We continue loving what we do and continue to try to do our part in being kind and respectful of our environment by repurposing used fabrics!

Good Health and Happiness to You!