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grēn līn kids

I started in this business at the age of sixteen with an apprenticeship under an Italian tailor. Shortly thereafter I studied design and headed out into the garment industry at the age of twenty-two. At some point very early on, as a new mother, it became clear that I needed to put food on the into the tailoring world I fell. I have made a wonderful living, learned more than I could possibly share and developed my skill over this period.

With the recent change in the economy and my oldest child leaving home it was time to reinvent myself. I decided that I wanted to return to my first love. So, grēn līn by K was born. The focus of my business and creations is to use sustainable and eco-friendly fibers whenever possible.

I initially began with my clothing store here on Etsy that now carries women's clothing and accessories, but decided recently that I wanted to separate into two shops. Hence, grēn līn kids.

I hope that you will watch me grow, provide input and find something you love.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Mother, tailor and designer/creator. My greatest loves and passions.

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