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I began on etsy with a Vintage Button Bracelet shop.
I have luscious mounds of them, as they enjoyed relaxing like Diva's in cyberspace. While in a contrast of vitality, Green Market Vintage clothing & accessories travel the Globe ~
Consequently, through the birth of Green market vintage, it's even more pleasurable to shop when purchases needn't necessarily fit my physique alone. I stretch my grey matter for the business & marketing ends, employ some aesthetic sense for staging & design and even more recently am expressing inherent sewing skills to create the Green Market line of wearables known as "Undie Couture UPcycles" & "Fringe BeneFitZ".
Having long enjoyed photography, I find it fun to slip Silly Snaps & Colorful Compositions within my product listings. At times, lenience allows comedic expression whilst penning titles & descriptions with the hope you may enjoy them as well !
Best of all; this process breathes in it's Greeniest possible footprint. Green Market Vintage spring, Sprang, SprunG from a necessity marked in time & the evolving of a living Green Market is a natural current in our family life.
My gratitude extends to Rob Kalin for dreaming etsy into existence, to the etsy staff members all over the world who work tirelessly to make it more AWESOME every day & to a local rockabilly girl named Jenny who saw my young daughter & myself selling Button Bracelets @ a school craft fair. She said "Oh, you should be on etsy !" Our reply: What's etsy ? . . . and the rest is herstory !
Owner, Designer, Maker, Chief, Cook & Bottle washer
I enjoy all things Green Market; from creating the name, working in my space overlooking the Bay, shopping & sewing & shipping. I meet friends all over the globe & put pins in the world map where Green market packages go ---->>>>
GMV staff:
model & muse

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