GreenWebs' Shop Announcement

My designs reflect a desire to create beautiful, timeless, high quality, yet functional articles imbued with the maker's heart.

I believe that fabrics made solely with caring human energy are truly Green: the less child or slave labor, giant textile mills, and sweatshops, the more pleasant and Green the world will become. Here's to a return to simplicity!

I have been spinning, knitting and weaving my own designs for about 10 years now. Right now my focus is weaving, and I have made everything from Alpaca scarves to large Mohair area rugs. My line of uniquely patterned and colored women's ruanas, wraps and ponchos is becoming more and more popular. I weave and dye all my designs in my home studio in Oakland, CA. All items are 100% hand woven, hand dyed, hand sewn, and hand finished, making each one unique and much more lasting than anything made by a machine.

If you would like a design modified or in a different color, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your wishes. Custom orders are encouraged.

Purchases over $200 ship free in the US and Canada.
Please contact me for shipping prices if you would like to
have an item sent anywhere else.