GreyhoundTopia's Shop Announcement

Greyhound Topia is a Friend of Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption and GreySave Greyhound Adoptions and 100% of purchase profits support these two greyhound adoption groups. Greyhound Topia is a non-profit fun raiser inspired to raise funds for these two great rescue groups, market awareness of greyhound adoption achieved by selling and wearing fine quality and affordable greyhound jewelry . When wearing the jewelry many conversations and questions about greyhounds result, not to mention the jewelry is fun and beautiful.
Our Rescue/Adoption Mission for Fast Friends and GreySave: We are dedicated to finding kind, loving homes for every greyhound retiring from the Caliente Race Track in Tijuana. We also bring in greyhounds from other dog haulers when available. What we do: We have a single purpose - to “rescue” racing greyhounds when their track careers are finished and find each one an adoptive home where they can experience long, happy lives as companion pets and family members.
Fastfriends Greyhound Adoption has been doing this since October 1995 and are approaching finding homes for over 3,500 ex-racing greyhounds and GreySave over 1,500 greyhounds.
How we do it: We are an all volunteer, non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization with no paid or salaried positions. We accomplish our goal through the dedication of a wonderful group of hard-working volunteers devoted to helping ex-racing greyhounds achieve a happy post-racing life. Backing up our volunteers is a group of loyal supporters who participate in our varied fundraising efforts.
“Show & Tell” demonstrations are our main method of spreading the word about greyhounds as pets. Most people have never seen a greyhound in person and a “Show & Tell” opportunity enables them to meet greyhounds, chat with enthusiastic greyhound owners, and consider whether greyhounds are the right pet for their own family. It’s a treat for the greyhounds, their visitors and their owners!
Greyhounds placed through our program usually are between 18 months and five years old. These ex-racers are intelligent, quiet, clean, gentle, good-natured, adaptable dogs who adjust readily to their new home environment. They are eager to please and respond positively to any attention. They seem grateful for their new homes and regard their new owners with never-ending affection. They do not require a great deal of space to run, as many people think, but they do need exercise. Inside the house they enjoy curling up in a corner on a soft blanket.
While our prime directive is to take dogs from the Caliente racetrack in Tijuana, Mexico, we have taken dogs from Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida, etc. We also rescue racing greyhounds left at local animal shelters. Our first commitment is to former racers, but we will try to help any hound in need.
Greyhounds who come directly from the track, or who go from the track to a kennel, have never experienced life inside a home. A dog adopted in this way will have to go through a number of adjustments, from learning to walk on tile, to disregarding the noise of the television, to learning to relieve themseleves outside.
We are one of the few groups nationwide that places its dogs in foster homes for a minimum of two weeks prior to adoption. Here experienced greyhound owners help the dog adjust to all the little things about life in a home that we take for granted. Our greyhounds are adopted into forever loving homes.

Average cost spent on each dog is $750 with some medical costs over $10,000 for some of our rescued greyhounds.
Help support Greyhound rescue and adoption with a purchase from Geyhound Topia.