Greyturtle's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my Etsy page. If you're here for the valve night lights, I'm afraid I don't have any for sale right now, but hopefully I have them on the right track. After years of working and waiting, they're now patented, but on my lawyers' advise I have quit hand-making them. Since they are handmade, extremely modified, and aren't U.L. listed, I guess they're too much of a liability in today's lawsuit happy world (I still run them in my house and they work great, and I'm pretty sure my lawyer and engineer both have them running in their offices too). I've been working with a development engineer and a few other people to reconfigure them so I can get them U.L. listed and make them easier to be produced. Like the originals, they will be real brass valves, they will be operated by the handle, they will be totally safe, and they will be awesome, or they aren't worth making.

This was a fun and puzzling project for me, and I'm stunned by the positive response. I have more ideas and gadgets like it, and some not quite like it, that I'd love to see come to fruition, but I am somewhat lacking in connections to take them to production. I'd be eager to hear from anyone with the ability and resources to help with developing this undertaking as well as possibly a few others.

Thanks for checking out my lights!