Some of my favorite themes for dolls and sculptures are fantasy and circus characters and all are a bit odd and worn.
Every year I design a new holiday ornament in limited editions. Each is similar but still individually sculpted.
I make two different kinds of characters. The first are clay sculptures like these two friends celebrating Oktoberfest.
My art dolls come in a range of sizes and themes- from pirates to fairies and every magical combination in between
My studio windowsill is always full of character heads waiting for their turn to come to life.

Traditional beginnings lead to magical creatures

I have always loved making beautiful things and have been fortunate to spend time working in various artistic professions. I have been a make-up artist, fashion and bridal designer, and experimented with as many different artistic mediums as I could get my hands on since childhood. I originally started my business working in bonded bronze with a distinct classical style. Over the years I realized I wanted to have more fun and variety with my work and I found that polymer and paper clay seemed to be the perfect mediums. Once I found I could incorporate all of my past interests and professions in a singular character there was no looking back. Fourteen years ago I modeled my first piece which opened the door to an entirely new artistic path. The world of elves, fairies and magical creatures has been a big influence with children in my house. These stories and characters have the ability to appeal to all ages, incorporating all seasons. I wanted to bring a little of that magic into my work and soon my world of the Griffinwyse was born. Inspired by my daughters' great imaginations and the fantastic books and movies we enjoy together, my characters can be and do anything. They combine my love of possibilities, imagination and provide the variety of work I love. On any given day I can dream up a creature, sculpt it, paint, experiment with photographs, or write for my blog and Facebook page. I enjoy the flexibility of my work and I hope my characters spread a little of that fun and inspiration wherever they go.
Kimberly Kingsley
I am a life-long artist and proud mother of three beautiful girls. I am lucky to be surrounded by my muses every day and to do something I love for a living.

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