GrowToulh's Shop Announcement

All pieces ready to ship!
My pieces are created with the intent to promote balance and harmony in your life.
I create each piece by hand, one at a time. I use what I consider to be the best materials... Silver, Gold, Titanium, and Nobium. For added excitement I incorporate unusual materials to my pieces. Fordite is enamel retrieved from the pipes in the spray booth of the old Ford factory. Each coating applied to a vehicle buid up layers of paint on the pipes. These layers are carved by hand, polished, and set into pendants. One of my other more unusual materials is the Tagua nut. These nuts come from South America, and make an eco-friendly alternative to elephant tusks. When it is dried, it is an ideal carving material. I often times accent my pieces with semiprecious stones. I am inspired by the materials I use, and each piece is a one of a kind creation.