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*** PLEASE NOTE: Gusto Spice's Etsy shop will be *closed* February 15th - March 3, 2016. The last day we will be accepting orders is Sunday, February 14th and will resume taking orders on Tuesday, March 3rd. ***

Welcome to Gusto Spice - Home of the original Rubs of the States BBQ gift set! Making bbq spice rubs is our specialty so we hope our love of barbecue shines through in every rub we make!

Come in and make yourself at home. We are happy to have you with us today!

All of Gusto Spice's barbecue rubs are original recipes and handmade. We house the majority of our rubs in solid containers that help keep air and light away from the spices, allowing them to stay fresh and last longer. We do not add flavor enhancers or artificial ingredients to our spices.

Gusto Spice takes great pride in providing personal service and of course, incredible barbecue rubs!

Years of cooking with our family and testing hundreds of our own original rub recipes has brought us to Etsy. We personally guarantee you will smell and taste the fresh Gusto difference over the mass produced, bland rubs sold in stores.

We have sold products as close as the next town and as far away as Japan. The feedback has been appreciated and amazing! We are honored to share our products with you and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

We are seasoned (pardon the pun) cooks who strive to make your life a little easier (while you impress your family and friends, of course!) Please feel free to ask for cooking or barbecuing advice or give a little advice of your own - it's how we learn and grow, too!


Our most popular item is the RUBS OF THE STATES set features barbecue rubs from 5 different US locations. Each part of the US claims it has the best bbq -- YOU be the judge!

Our top selling individual rub is our APPLE-MAPLE rub. The Apple-maple rub is delicious on pork, chicken, tofu, and even roasted vegetables. It's best when prepared on meat in the oven, smoker or slow cooker, mixed into ground meat, or when cooked over indirect heat on the grill.

Our best selling large rub set is, “The Pit Master.” The Pit features six different bbq rubs for beef, chicken, pork, seafood and tofu. It makes a great gift for those who love to cook!


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+ If you like to cook smaller cuts of meat, we recommend either the “Rubs of the States” or “Rubs of the South” sets. Each set includes five 2oz.-sized containers and each container can cover up to 4 pounds of meat. These sets are our customers' favorite gifts to give!

+ If you like to bbq larger cuts of meat but don’t cook too often, we recommend any of our 4oz.-sized containers of rub. Each container can cover up to 10 pounds of meat (or be used to cover several smaller cuts).

+ If you like to barbecue larger cuts of meat and cook a lot, go for “The Pit Master.” Each container of rub can cover up to 10 pounds of meat. You can also use some of the rubs in soups, on popcorn or sprinkled over roasted vegetables.

+ Available upon request: To purchase rubs at a bit of a discount, try our bbq packets. Each packet is food grade, resealable to help keep the rubs fresh, and holds a bit more than our regular 4oz. containers of rub. Each packet varies in weight, depending on the rub you choose.

+ Available upon request: For competition bbq rubs or for a large backyard bbq party, we recommend purchasing our “black bag” rubs. The bags are made of 5ml food grade foil that help block out moisture and oxygen, and allow the rubs to stay fresh longer. Each bag varies in weight, depending on the rub you choose.




East Texas Brisket Rub -– Part of our “Rubs of the States” series. Excellent on brisket and thick cuts of steak. Ingredients include garlic, coriander, and cayenne.

Gourmet Beef and Steak Rub -– Perfect for grilling. Ingredients include smoked hickory salt, thyme, and garlic.

Santa Maria Tri Tip Rub - Part of our “Rubs of the States” series. A light but flavorful rub for beef. Ingredients include loads of black pepper as well as lemon pepper and rosemary.


Louisiana Rub/Spice mix -– An extremely versatile rub. Good on roasted potatoes, in jambalaya, and in soups. Use to blacken grilled fish, spice up plain rice, incorporated the rub into a dip for veggies! Ingredients include cayenne, dried basil and thyme.


Memphis Pork Rub - Part of our “Rubs of the States” set. Perfect for pork or chicken dishes. Ingredients include garlic, ginger, and rosemary.

Spicy Chipotle Rub -– Performs well on ribs or chicken and is very spicy! Includes ground chipotle peppers, ground cumin, and brown sugar.

North Carolina Pork Rub - Part of our “Rubs of the States” series. Lexington, NC-style, excellent on pork and chicken. Often includes delicious pulled slow-smoked pulled pork with a Carolina Gold sauce or their famous hot pepper-vinegar-based sauce. Ingredients include dry mustard and cayenne pepper.

Apple-Maple Pork Rub -– Our top seller! Equally as delicious on pork and chicken dishes. Ingredients include granny smith apples and locally made maple sugar.

Louisiana Rub/Spice mix -– An extremely versatile rub. Good on roasted potatoes, in jambalaya, and in soups. Use to blacken grilled fish, spice up plain rice, incorporated the rub into a dip for veggies! Ingredients include cayenne, dried basil and thyme.

Georgia Pork and Chicken rub - Part of our "Rubs of the SOUTH" set. Georgians are proud of their barbecue and for good reason! Ingredients include Cumin, cayenne pepper, and a good dose of brown sugar. Try pairing this rub with a peach or a mustard-based barbecue sauce.

DRY FISH RUBS/SPICES (These rubs are made upon request)

Fiery-Sweet Fish Rub - A little sweet - a little heat. Our Fiery-Sweet dry fish rub contains turbinado sugar, cumin, and cayenne pepper and will add volumes of taste to your fish dish! Great on salmon and tilapia, perfect for grilling, smoking or baking.

Classic Fish Rub -– Our version of “Old Bay” seasonings. Ingredients include cardamom, cloves and dry mustard.

Blackened Fish Rub -– Similar to our Louisiana Creole rub but more intensely designed for fish. Ingredients include ground thyme and white pepper - great on red snapper, lemon or gray sole, trout, or catfish. Fantastic grilled, smoked or fried in cast iron skillet.

Indian Dry Fish Rub - Perfect for Tandoori-style cooking or broiled. Ingredients include freshly dried and ground ginger and tumeric - great on lemon or gray sole, orange roughy, or salmon.

If you don't see an item above listed, ask and we can make one to add to your order!

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