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My proudest accomplishment - my family.
I love finding new ways to use fiber - and that includes my leftovers. This hat is completely upcycled.
Wear as a wrap, a scarf, a sarong... tie it with the included silk ribbon, or secure it with one of my vintage brooches.
Long crocheted accessory. Can be tied as a shawl as pictured, or wrapped in any number of ways.
Just for fun - Baby Hats shaped as Boobies! Custom made in color/size of your choice!

I have an obsession with yarn, beads, fabric, and the many creations waiting to be made with them!

Welcome to my shop. All items found here were chosen, altered, or created by me. There is nothing more special than owning and wearing an original piece of art. Coming soon - altered Couture and embellished clothing in the Boho Shabby Chic Gypsy style that I love.

My Shop Persona, GypsythatIwas, signifies my awareness of (and my quest to uncover and embrace) that part of myself that has been buried under the responsibilities and expectations of adulthood. My authentic spirit, soul, inner child - however you would describe that innocent part of oneself that houses dreams, hope, excitement, spontaneity, energy, imagination, creativity, and satisfaction. View the video of Fleetwood Mac's "Gypsy" on YouTube (okay, I'm dating myself) - that explains my motivation better than words can. I love sparkly, eye-catching designs, but also like simple elegance on some days. Many of my items feature daring bright colors - but if you like your hues more neutral, just Convo me - I'll restrain myself. I believe every woman should be able, each day, to express her many moods and facets with her apparel, jewelry, and accessories. Hence, a variety is offered here, including my handmade creations, as well as my favorite vintage items!

***Many of my crocheted items will be moving to my NEW Etsy shop, WildHeartYarnings. Take a look here:

I also have a "quirky" sense of humor, and am not afraid to try anything - once. I have found some of my best selling items by taking a chance on something "off the wall" (Check out my JUGHEADS baby boobie hats and WEIRDBEARDS!)

My jewelry and accessories (scarves and purses) are all original designs by me, Pam, and the majority are one-of-a-kind items. (Okay... I'll admit, occasionally, I'll make something and have a hard time parting with it, so I'll make another one like it, just for me!) I am attentive to quality craftsmanship and detail, but also derive joy from the successful completion of a project of which I am proud. I maintain a large stash of yarn, beads, and other materials. All of my creations come from a smoke-free environment. (Hey, I'm a nurse, remember?)

Thanks for looking, and I hope you find your hearts' desires.

Lyrics from "Gypsy"

So I’m back, to the velvet underground
Back to the floor that I love
To a room with some lace and paper flowers
Back to the gypsy that I was

To the gypsy that I was...

And it all comes down to you
Well you know that it does
Well, lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
Ah and it lights up the night
And you see your gypsy
You see your gypsy

To the gypsy that remains

Faces freedom with a little fear
I have no fear I have only love.....
And if I was a child
And the child was enough
Enough for me to love
Enough to love
She is dancing away from you now
She was just a wish
She was just a wish
And her memory is all that is left for you now
You see your gypsy
You see your gypsy

Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
And it all comes down to you
And all comes down to you
Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice
And it all comes down to you

I still see your bright eyes, bright eyes

And it all comes down to you
And I’ve always loved you
And it all comes down to you
It all comes down to you
owner, maker, designer, Embellisher
As my kids get older, I have more time to devote to the things I love: crocheting, jewelry-making, perusing second-hand-stores for treasures... Somehow, the artist I never realized I had housed inside of me has started to emerge!

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