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"There is always Beauty in the Darkness." -Nahrin
Fabric shopping!
Posing for a photo at the "Edgar Allan Poe Show" with my original oil painting.
Sculpting in fabric.

Beauty In The Darkness

Creation in many forms has been as natural as breathing to me since the day I put crayon to paper and played in my mother's closet, styling outfits with accessories. My website and ETSY shop are where I sell my many works of art & design that range from paintings and prints to accessories and my upcoming fashion line. Each garment, jewelry and accessory is designed and created by myself with great care and attention to detail with high standards for quality of craftsmanship and a passion for storytelling through canvas and fabric.

The HAUS of NAHRIN design philosophy encompasses a passion for storytelling, mythology, and a love of fashion throughout the pages of history. A romantic union between the past and future. The dark fantastical and dramatic silhouettes define the direction of my vision of a modern world where women can exude their strength, power, and sophistication yet still celebrate their femininity and elegance in a bold new way.

CONTRAST is the key to life... Contrast in colors and silhouettes mirror the contrast in cultures and opinon.... Without contrast there would be no beauty in the world with its rich diversity and endless possibilities. In fashion, I feel there is nothing more beautiful and empowering as when a woman's sensuality is enhanced by strong tailoring creating a dark "Desdemona" appeal.

In my artwork and designs, I strive to capture the contrast of light and dark, with an emphasis on darkness. Society has always marred darkness with impressions of evil, of goths and vamps, or even the absence of life itself. I have always felt otherwise and I live to share this mantra, to show you the world through my eyes where there is always beauty in the darkness.

After all, what is beauty but a smoldering blend of romance, magic, and mystery.

- Nahrin Sarkisova
owner, designer, Artist
I'm a professional jewelry & accessories designer with a degree in Fashion Design. Clients include CLAIRE'S, HOT TOPIC, URBAN OUTFITTERS etc... I'm currently working on my first collection of high-end Women's Wear that's slated to launch in 2014.