HAzevedo's Shop Announcement

Dear friends, thanks for dropping by.
As explained in my “Profile”, all images shown here are a small sample of the results I achieved in the last few years while working on a experimental basis with the available digital technology.
The great variety of styles and forms that can be seen actually shows the various stages of development of my work and the infinite resources allowed by such technology.
Hands on mouse, keyboards, digital pens and tablets, eyes scanning the screen, mind always attentive to software possibilities and, above all, emotion – these were the ingredients that made possible the creation of this set of images. A different scenario from many years ago, when I used to work in my atelier or dark room.
These images I designed to be printed, in limited editions, signed and numbered, on different supports. When properly handled, prints on photographic paper, canvas, wood, adhesive, glass, paper or other materials may last a lifetime without losing their good quality.
Prices indicated here in are merely illustrative of an image printed on photographic paper, UV resistant, with one square foot size, properly packed for shipment, not including freight costs.
Prices for different supports or sizes I will have the pleasure to inform upon specific requests.
Alternatively I can sell the image as a CD/DVD digital content. In such case, once Property Rights and License Issues are involved, prices, terms and conditions must be settled in writing well in advance.
To see artist’s resumé and other details, click on "Profile" under the Avatar heading in the right hand of this home page.

Hope you enjoy the visit.