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3 weeks

Use these funny stickers on all of your crochet gifts!

1 month

15% off all made to order items for a limited time!!

1 month

People are loving my new cactus hat pattern!

1 month

Brand new pattern release this Friday!! Cactus hat, y'all! sparklescactussparklescactussparklescactussparkles

1 month

Love this mug! Coffee & yarn addicts need this!

3 months

Super cute new tote added! You can download the print as well hearts+1

5 months

Just added: digital prints!!

5 months

My whole shop is 25% off if you spend $25! Stock up on patterns you've had in your wish list forever, or grab a made to order item! +1heart

5 months

This cutie is going to its new home in Canada today!

5 months

This pattern is selling like hot cakes! Be on the look out for ewoks running around this Christmas!!

10 months

A very periwinkle totoro

11 months

Karp, Karp, Magikarp!

1 year

Having a huge "clear out my room" sale! Please check it out! I've got more items coming over the next few days!

2 years

Just finished a sailor moon Luna headband order!

2 years

Custom ordered PlayStation Vita case!

3 years

Finishing up a Luna headband order!