HEraMade's Shop Announcement

Sale in the HEraMade shop during the whole summer. With the help of two codes you can get concession to the products. The first code can be used to the 31st of August in case of a above a 50$ purchase. It gives you a 15% discount. Coupon code: CIJHERAMADE15 The second one is available for only 12 days above a 30$ purchase an it gives you a 18% discount. Coupon code: ETSYCIJ2015
Choose that one which is more beneficial for you! Visit my shop several times during the summer because there will be surprise sales too! Available for orders too! Have a good shopping!

scarves&wraps, scarves, eco-fashion, handmade long scarf, hand knit extra long scarf, hand knit warm scarf, freeform warm scarf, hand crocheted clothing, hand painted silk scarf, hand dyed scarf, freeform crocheted scarf, handmade accessories, funky tote bag, lace shawl, elegant lace sweater, boho lace shrug, headband, gloves, chunky loop scarf, home decor in a romantic and freeform of styles My creations are all limited edition.
Every pieces in handmade with care and love.
I ship by FedEx Priority (1-3 work days) In order to I can ship the item that you have bought for you please give me your phone number