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Custom Orders and Wholesale are Welcome! Please contact me

Due to Wedding period I really work very hard.

I try to provide solution to all different requests from you.

I beleive that I must give priority to all paid items. I really don't have time to make samples
for unpaid demands.
I really LOVE all of you but I am alone working only with 2 hands:)

Thank you very much for your understanding:)
Please do not hesitate to add note to seller or contact me for any custom request.I will do my best to make you happy with your order.

Please DO contact me for any complaint about your order before GIVING your Feedback.Again I will do my best to solve it or refund your money.
Dear Customers, as you know my husband and my 2 sons (sometimes my sister in law or my cousin ) are helping me but I am making all jewelries myself alone.
"Semra's Originals - some may imitate, but can never duplicate the quality, beauty and charm of my designs."

Due to some reasons , I want to clarify the difference in between HANDMADE and COMMERCIAL

Handmade is an item made by hand and not by a machine.
It is definite ,you can see differences on jewelries.Sometimes size, sometimes style,sometimes distance in between beads or pearls.

This gives VALUE to handmade work
 None of the jewelries will be same as COMMERCIALS

If you expect PERFECT look ,I definitely suggest to purchase COMMERCIAL items