HahaBeader's Shop Announcement

A thousand ideas and not enough time to do it all. What I call Slights of Hand are all the hand crafts I have tried over the years, the main one being jewelry making. This means a lot of supplies I have that I don't want any more. Let's give them a good home at your place!
Many of my items are from the early 2000's before silver went sky-high, many of the handmade lampwork beads are by artists who seem to have vanished from the marketplace. I have some fine Bali and Thai silver, artisan beads, supplies for paper crafting, metal working, base metal clay, fabric, rubber stamps, all sort of goodies to list.
I will have all kinds of wood, metal, and glass beads and findings to destash. Paper. Ink. Fabric. Tools. Resin molds. Scrabble tiles. Dominos. Fish leather. Craft books. Get the idea? None of it is new (although plenty is as good as new) and all listings are "As Is" but I'm good at telling you what the condition of each item is. A great opportunity to build up your own craft stashes!
Projected time to have listings up and running: early September 2015.

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