HandcraftedFinland's Shop Announcement

Please place your Christmas orders by the 8th of December at the latest!

Thank you for visiting our shop! All of our products are handmade in Finland. Please visit also our website and blog and is a community of 20 Finnish artisans and the number is growing. We hope you find products of interest to you in our shop, and we are always happy to receive your questions and feedback!

We sell handmade jewelry, toys, wool accessories, home decor, children clothing, tiffany glass art... All handmade in Finland.

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Our items are shipped from Finland in 1-2 days after your order. It will take usually 5-10 days for the package to arrive, depending on where you live. Send us a message if you'd like to check more exactly.

About the founder

I started the shop as I noticed that there were many Finnish artisans who did not have the time to set up their business online on their own. I wanted to gather together several artisans who were making a varied selection of handmade products that I found extremely high quality. Our shop name in Finnish 'Taitaentehty' means made with skill and care.

I have been lucky to be surrounded by very skillful and creative people since my childhood. My grandma was extremely talented in everything related to knitting, crochet and weaving, and my mother and aunt have been continuing the tradition. For me, the Finnish crafts are also a dear hobby.

It is important for me personally that the products we sell are traditional in the way that they promote Finnish traditional crafts methods and materials, and that they are classic in design. I hope my work with House Of Handmade is promoting Finnish handicrafts all around the world.


Handmade is always unique – Welcome to the shop of the Finnish handicrafts!All