Handmade4LittleGirls' Shop Announcement

Baby Girl Baptism gowns -Christening long dresses-First Communion dress .English embroidery Voile Christening Baptism dresses.layette girl / Infant Coming Home gowns clothes outfits ===made in the USA
NOW accepting charge cards
All are high quality craftsmanship top quality fabric custom boutique style dresses , gowns, made with pride in USA
I offer free embroidery on most out fits

out fits in sweet angelic handmade , gowns, for life's milestones -Christening gowns ,
We know you want the best dress / gown or outfit for fun day out that are not over priced
I have been offering custom high quality clothing on Overstock.com--Boutiques and Etsy for over 12 years.

Each item is custom made upon purchase.
=================NOW accepting charge cards

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