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Handmade pet treats for every member of your pet family. Watch them enjoy for unique and healthy treats and edible toys for your best friend!
And sooooo-
Welcome! There are treats here for all of your pets, from guinea pigs to horses, dogs and cat natural dewormer bars, cat calming charms to cat, dog and horse qr code id tags. They are all handmade with care and shipped Priority Mail

Here at the licenced bakery I have such a good time Fun and Healthy Dog treats for our own dogs and for our customers Poochies. My treats are all Natural, some Organic and some Grain Free. Decorated and Plain, Crunchy and Soft, Homemade / Handmade Gourmet Dog and Pet Treats. All are made just for your pet in mind, and some can be made custom from your recipe, if you don't like the rolling pin jobs or don't have the time. Just convo what you need to have done and we'll give you a quote.

Please contact me for Bulk or Wholesale, or also any special mixed packages or Gift baskets.
Domestic Shipping turn around is 48 hours with the exception of Meals on Wheels or
Meals on the Run (which take 5 days to make and process).
International buyers should keep in mind that the buyer is always in charge of paying their countries tariffs and customs charges on items upon arrival. Thanks you.
Unless stated in the described otherwise, our baked goods do not contain any of the following additives:
♥NO Salt
♥NO Soy
♥NO Sugar
♥NO Artificial Colors
♥NO Artificial Flavors
♥NO Byproducts
♥NO Preservatives

See my Profile and Store Policies and more information! If you have a question and can't find the answer just shoot me a convo on Etsy.
We know you don't often have the time to study even the most common problems pets can bring with them. We love our pets as if they were children and don't want to think about the very yucky things they want to eat and why, or the fact that they can get worms in their systems just by sitting on grass or being bitten by fleas.

Take for example, the long term effects of what the popular flea medications are doing to our dog or cats immune system. We need a quick fix for those irritating insects and parasites so we don't bother to understand the meaning of the word "systemic", which is how the medications work. It means that the pesticide is absorbed into the skin and through the flow of blood, travels through your pets system. It is poison and that is why the companies want us to drop it on the back of their necks where they can not lick it and get it into their systems too quickly. You can imagine what would happen then.

Then we have the short cuts for behavioral problems. We own a dog that panics during a thunderstorm, a cat that "climbs the chimney" at the thought of getting into a crate to go for a ride to the Vets, a puppy who wets the floor, every time they hear a load noise,
and the worst offender, the passive aggressive pet that wets your pillow because you left him to do something for yourself or go to work. Some of us go out and buy a mister of sprayer of cat or dog pheromones and spray of plug them in. They work but fill your rooms with mists that we are breathing too. Mother Nature didn't mean for use to live with animal pheromones around us and we don't know of the long term effects.

Of course, they can run off, so we buy them those pet id tags, so cute , that proudly display your address and phone number. Did you know that over 75% of break ins occur during the daytime? Criminal reports tell us that the information is often derived from a passer by read a pet tag. It is all there. Your cell phone number, your address and best yet, your out walking your dog now, the partner is a work and the kids are at school. It is called a thief prime time.

The secret killer of pets are the worms and parasites that are in most cases microscopic in size and they are EVERYWHERE! The eggs are even in dry food products we feed. They are in the grass outside of your door and everyone else's door too. They reek havoc on people, us, and we can't bear to think of them, but they are there,
regardless, in our flour, cereals and meats. Ugh! The thought. In most cases our veterinarians use products like Ivermectin to rid the animals. The dosage has to be exact and the reason for that is, if it doesn't kill your pet, it will make him very sick, depressed and ruin a good immune system.

Being a very, very, long time pet owner and lover, I have put together over time, the products on this site to use as a solution to the problems above. They have been tested by myself and many others, are inexpensive and best of all -- they work and are safe to consume or use. Solutions are the best thing I can offer to those wonderful creatures in my old age, so, I feel good about it.

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