HandsOnFiberArt's Shop Announcement

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I love fiber, color and texture and all things handmade. I weave high quality original wool rugs, runners and tapestries and I weave and design looper rugs

I have recently begun weaving rugs with the waste from the woolen mills in Pendleton, Oregon. These are beautifully colored blanket selvedges that come off of their blanket looms. I cull the bags and wind the scraps on rag rugs and make beautiful wool rugs. Exceptional colors make this a fun item to create.
Loopers are the ultimate in recycling. The loops themselves are the waste material from fabric mills that make socks. I try to stay away from more traditional weave patterns and love especially to combine colors free form.
All rugs shown here are original, one of a kind creations. They cannot be duplicated. Once the colors have been used I will be dying new colors and starting a different colorway. I like to keep things interesting.

Hats and shawls will be coming soon!

I love to knit and crochet with good yarns. I especially like to blend colorways that one does not usually see and blend yarns that are totally different.

My heart is in New Mexico and that is what I try to show through my weaving of wool rugs and tapestry. All of my wool comes from Northern New Mexico as well as most of my inspiration.
The wool tapestry rugs are woven with cotton warp. The wool floor rugs for use are woven with wool warp. Churro warp coming soon. The wool tapestry rugs with cotton warp are sturdy and durable but best in low traffic areas or as wall hangings.