Me at work in my sunny studio. I love being surrounded by plants. (photo by Sarah Mason)
Cut out shapes on the cutting mat.
Holding up a string of my fairy lights. (photo by Sarah Mason)
Lots of lamps on the shelves waiting to go to their new homes...(photo by Sarah Mason)
I always notice the sillhouettes. (photo by Sarah Mason)

Plants, flowers and all things that light up!

When I started making paper cut handmade cards 10 years ago I didn't know that it was going to lead me down such a rich and illuminating path. I was always holding my paper cuts up to the window to enjoy the silhouettes and one day, a friend in my studio suggested I make lights. In that moment I saw my whole range flash before me! I applied for Arts Council funding to research the idea and after much cutting and sticking my first lamp was born. I launched my collection at the British Craft Trade Fair and came away with much positive feedback and a handful of galleries who wanted to stock them! Yes! :)

It grew from there. I carried on making and selling and expanding my range and whilst visiting trade shows with my lights I found myself always drawn to other light makers. I thought it would be amazing to open a shop which would bring them all together in one beautiful glowing space. In 2005 I opened Radiance in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I had my workshop in the back of the shop and I enjoyed the balance between creating and sourcing lovely work for the shop . Recently I have moved my studio out to bigger premises with lots of windows (that was a dream of mine) and I have just expanded my product range with a collection of wallpapers and fabrics. It's ever so exciting!

My passion for lighting got spotted by an editor from Bloomsbury Publishing and I was commissioned to write a book about contemporary craft lighting. It was an amazing project. I interviewed 45 lighting artists worldwide and collected gorgeous pictures of their creations. It's called 'Illuminate' and it's now being printed right now. It will be released in November this year (look out for many Etsy lighting designers inside).

I live in hebden Bridge with my 2 teenage children and my two cats. This valley couldn't be more perfect for me. It is rich in woodland, meadows and fields and I spend a lot of time walking with my camera collecting inspiration for my work. I love that it is the best of both worlds. Great nature spots but also a busy bustling creative town full of fab independent shops. It's great to be part of this community.

I think Etsy is the best thing on the internet! I have made many wonderful discoveries here and it has helped me to reach more people across the world. I never tire of sending my lamps to far flung corners of the Earth.

I keep a blog where I share tales of inspiration, works in progress, adventures, and walks in the woods. Hope you'll come and say hello.
Hannah Nunn
owner, maker, designer
Hi, I'm Hannah and I design everything that you see in this shop. I love plants and flowers and there's plenty of inspiration in the beautiful wooded valley where I live. I love lighting too and have a real life light shop called Radiance.
Roger Nunn
maker, Packing Parcels
Suzi Garlick
admin, organisation, logistics
Emma Linney
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