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My "studio". This is where I sit down and pack all the orders and also make jewelry.
Charms and more charms!! I love baby food containers :)

Beads and Charms Galore!

I started when I started buying lots and lots of cute charms. But, they don't really fit into the style of jewelry I was selling in my jewelry shop. I know I have no use for them, but I just kept buying more and now I want to share my treasures with you!

I travel to Asia about once a year and I dig through their narrow streets and night markets and enormous jewelry supply malls to find stuff that make me smile, and hopefully will make you smile too!
owner, curator, Do-it-all
Hello, my name is Joyce and I am a bead hoarder. I like to collect cute and unusual beads and charms and findings. I also make jewelry and accessories with my treasures. To see my creations, check out my other shop, Happy Cloud Moments.

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