Painted Flower Pots - Name Letters - Pet Sympathy Gifts

The hand painted name wall letters that started my rustic product boom! Still my best seller.
Sympathy gifts for pets are close to my heart.
Girl name wall letters. I love pink and all things girly.
I love working on wedding favors and once had an order for 1500. No, really.
My lovely assistant Sophie

It's all about You

How can I help you? If you are looking to personalize a wall in your home in a way that is all about you or your child, then allow me to create some hand painted name wall letters or initials that will do just that. If you are looking to have wedding or shower guests not leave their favors behind because they fall in love with them at first sight, then I’ll hand paint a beautiful set of flower pots to make sure that happens. That goes for kids parties too…let’s make those big fun. Need something unique and personal to gift someone who has recently lost a pet? Check out my sympathy gift pet pots...

I see what I do as a gift straight from God. I was longing to work with my hands and He knew it. My style is unique, and when that rare client comes along and just says ‘Do your thing’ they will likely get something that looks natural, rustic, vintage-like with a twist. I might throw a flower with metallic gold petals into a mix of rough textures and cracks. My hands love clay, unpainted wood and texture finishes. My apron loves paint. A beautiful neighbor that I love and miss (as she moved away) taught me so much, and while learning my craft I frequently found my way to her garage as she was working with acids on mirrors that needed antiquing or painting a child’s step stool.

My work is very personal, and once someone makes a purchase I tend to dive in and ask about the child the letters are for…what they like, what they don’t, what their wall color is. People lovingly provide details around a friends lost pet, so my rustic flower pots are hand painted accordingly…those really have my heart. Brides want their wedding guests to have something perfect and usable to remember the occasion by. I’m on it.

From childhood I have always loved being outside in the dirt or up in a tree. My parents ate numerous mud pies after my baking sessions. Mornings are my favorite time of day, and my favorite place to be before the sun comes up is on my back porch in the glider or rocker (gotta move) talking to God about my yesterday (always be thankful) and about my today (making sure He is going to be with me all day). Then it’s straight to my studio (unless I need to walk my horse-sized dog first). While I remain a huge fan of pencil and paper, I sell online predominantly. Sitting at craft fairs all day long just doesn’t appeal to me. Too much set up, too much break down, and too much sitting still in between. I never met J.K. Simmons or Penny Marshall, but I was able to get my work into their hands by working and sending the items online prior to the 2012 Oscars.

My studio is colorful, and despite the neatness of the rest of the home I share with my husband, my elderly mom, two needy old cats and one goofy Great Dane…my studio is loaded with stuff that I can’t live without. Textures, paints, brushes, bobbles, a colorful string of lights, a soapstone dolphin who holds incense in his mouth, glass stones, magazines, tons of pencils, paint pens, art work our children created when they were very young. (I promised my son (now grown) that I would incorporate that smiling moose he loved to draw for years on end into my business name one day.) There are tons of unpainted wood letters, terracotta pots of all sizes, books on art, books on techniques, books on how not to have clutter in your life :o)

I love my life, and I love working to make my clients happy, their weddings more memorable, their children smile, their friends touched by a gift to let them know that someone is really loving them and thinking of them.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me….not everyone does, and I appreciate it more than you know. Now I hope you’ll go visit my shop and let me know if I can create something special for you! Step on in!

Happy Moose Garden Art
It is an absolute pleasure creating something that makes your wedding more special, your garden more beautiful, or your child's room more uniquely theirs. My customers are treasures, and my goal is for my work to reflect that.

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