HartsandRoses' Shop Announcement

WELCOME♥ New FB fans receive 15% off their 1st order plus more!(click read more for the link). Offering a Variety of Baby Girl Clothes, Newborn Coming Home Outfits, Baby Headbands, Newborn Headbands, Cask Smash Outfits, Baby Shoes, We have it all!

Processing time for ALL orders is 2-10 business days (M-F & holidays excluded) WHEN ORDERING ROMPERS, PLEASE READ EACH ROMPER LISTING FOR ACCURATE SHIP BY DATES..Rompers may have a longer processing time. Processing time IS ALWAYS APPX.
WE are happy to answer any questions you may have, but because of high message volume it may take a few days before we get to your message

"LIKE" my FB page for 15% off your first order! After you have liked the page message me on etsy for the discount code. I do check to see if the page was "liked" so please be honest!

MESSAGES ARE ANSWERED IN THE ORDER RECEIVED! It May take several days for us to answer the hundreds of messages ahead of yours! Please be patient! Messages/Emails are returned M-F (NOT ON WEEKENDS or Holidays)

Most orders ship very fast, between 2-5 business days BUT
Processing time for ALL orders is up to 10 business days (weekends and holidays excluded)
**Please keep in mind processing time is NOT guaranteed** Time listed is Approximate
International customers please remember international orders ship 1 day per week AFTER order completion We feel the customer will appreciate the amazing quality product you will receive, and that our items are worth the wait! After all, there is a reason why we receive SO many orders! PROCESSING TIME IS NOT GUARANTEED AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME DEPENDING ON ORDER VOLUME AND/OR ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES OUT OF MY CONTROL
Harts & **HARTS and ROSES BOWTIQUE will be on vacation May 19 thru May 28. During this time our store will remain open and receiving orders BUT any order placed on or after May 14 will NOT begin processing until May 29th. On May 29th we will begin processing orders in the manner received starting with May 14 orders. Depending on the volume of orders reeived during out ansence, processing time when we return will be anywhere between 2-10 business days. Please keep in mind that it will take time to work through all orders placed ahead of yours, for example if you placed a order on May 21 please do not expect that order to ship on our first day back, May 29.. we have to work through May 14-May 20 orders (which may be 700+ orders) before we can start your order. Again please remember any order placed May 14 thru May 28 will not begin processing until our return on May 29. Example If you place a order on May 16, May 29 will not be the 10th business day for your order, May 29 will be the 1st business day for your order.
Why will orders placed May 14 not begin processing until May 29th?
-We receive a high volume of orders on a daily basis, so typically our processing time is atleast 2-5 business days, usually longer.. So there is no wayy we can ship all existing orders before we leave. We choose the latest stopping point/date sowe can ship as many packages as possible... and we feel its only fair that we post a message between midnight-3am easter time on the cut-off date so each customer can be fully aware of the time-frame and all info before placing their order, so everyone can receive their order by the date needed and you will not be surprised or disappointed with the shipping delay.
unless we close our store 2 weeks prior to leaving for vacation so we can have every order shipped before leaving. WELL in the past our customers have requested that we not close our shop before or during a vacation, absence, etc..Roses is a licensed, incorporated business. We receive hundreds of orders on a weekly basis, so generally our processing time is slightly longer than other stores/shops because of the volume of orders we do receive! The efficient time and care is taken for every piece so you receive only the finest quality "made to order" hair accessory !!!
Please note. I do not pre-make my headbands.. Every customer deserves a made to order hair accessory!!!! Each and Every hair accessory/headband is Handmade to order and customized specially for you! I can customize any piece to make the perfect accessory for your little Hart! Custom orders are welcome!
For Mommies that need a item ASAP please check our READY TO SHIP section. I have a variety of headband styles and sizes that I pre-make for mommies that need a last minute hair accessory!
Our customers appreciate the individualism, high quality, care, and made-to-order time, taken for each headpiece! Our high sales in such a short time-frame is proof of that!!!!!!!
Due to increased demand for Harts & Roses hair accessories, I cannot place a rush on your order after it has been placed.
******IF YOU NEED YOUR ORDER BY A CERTAIN DATE THAT IS SOONER THAN MY PROCESSING/PRODUCTION TIME PLUS SHIPPING, PLEASE CONTACT ME **BEFORE** you place the order to see if I can accomodate the request. If I am not contacted prior to the order being placed the order will not ship any sooner than my current processing/production time.****** PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE DATE YOU NEED THE ORDER IN THE NOTES WHEN YOU CHECKOUT, WITHOUT CONTACTING ME FIRST AND ME CONFIRMING I CAN HAVE THE ORDER DELIVERED BY THAT DATE.

*As the owner and sole designer I have the right to change my processing time at ANY time for any reason. I process orders as quickly as I can to get your items to you asap but processing time can change in a day depending on order volume. Each piece is handmade to order. Information in my policy, store note, and message on your receipt can be changed at ANY time if I see the need to change it because of sickness and /or order volume.

Harts & Roses Boutique is VERY busy year-round! I am also a Mother, wife, and daughter and I have to make time with my family as well as work! Please be respectful of my processing time. I work 18hrs per day, 7 days per week.. I cannot process orders any faster!

*If a listing states "Qty available 3".. this does not mean there are 3 ready to ship, this simply means I have supplies to make 3 of that item. However I usually have supplies to make dozens of the same item. If a listing says, "1 available" and you need more, message me! You may also see multiple listings for the same item, this does not mean I have that item ready to ship.. ONLY the items labeled as Ready To Ship are R2S items!!!

****************************Please Read my entire policy!!!****************************

Please allow atleast 48 hours for messages to be returned.(timeframe not guaranteed) Due to message volume, it may take longer than 48 hours for messages to be returned. Messages received on Fridays after 5pm eastern time will not be returned until the following Monday. I try to spend as much time as I can with my family on the weekends!
**I spend a minimum of 2-3 hrs per day JUST answering messages. Convos not returned within 48 hrs will be returned as soon as I work through all messages ahead of it. On Average I receive atleast 100+ messages per day, so if your message is not returned within 48 hours its because there are alot of messages ahead of it! Again the 48 hr time frame is not guaranteed. Time-frame depends on message volume, and again is not guaranteed.

We accept paypal, checks, and money orders. Orders will process once payment has cleared... Please keep in mind that e-checks take several days to clear..