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"Strong enough to carry bricks" is no joke!
I like to see all my ingredients while cooking ;)
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My daughter was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy type II at 18 months old. Because of the SMA (a neuromuscular condition) she is completely non ambulatory and must use a motorized wheelchair to get around.

When she was 9 she wanted a purse that attached to the side of her wheelchair, so we looked... and looked... and looked! But we couldn’t find anything designed to attach to the arm of a wheelchair that was even remotely cool.

Not only was my kid 9, not 90, she was quirky, super smart, a bit geek (serious Trekkie) and a bit goth all rolled into one. She didn't want a "Grannie Bag"!

So, I busted out the sewing machine and made her a bag with pink and black skull fabric added rhinestones to the eyes and topped it all off with hot pink fake fur trim.

She got so many comments about how great the bag was and so many people asking where she got it, that I thought I would give designing, making, and selling handbags a try.

That was the summer of 2008.
It’s been a wild ride ever since :)
Melissa Lewis
owner, maker, designer, curator, All around sweat shop worker
World traveler turned desert rat, handbag & jewelry designer, fabric addict, tattooed, collector of oddities, gardener, laundry lass, homework checker & cat servant.
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  • BHS Industries Connecticut, United States BHS is a small family owned pewter casting company in CT. They cast my winged skeleton keys. Their commitment to exceptionally high quality casting & great customer service, have made them a pleasure to work with these past years!

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