HawaiiSeaGlass' Shop Announcement

Aloha and Welcome!

Looking for genuine drilled sea glass beads from Hawaii? You've come to the right spot! In my shop you will find a variety of size, shapes, color, and types of hand picked and drilled sea glass beads to use in any of your wonderful, crafty creations. One of my many joys here in the islands is going to the beaches, absorbing the serenity they provide, and the bonus of finding all the little treasures on or in the sand. I'd like to share with you a little of my joy in hopes that you will also give some to others through your creations. Thank you for visiting my shop.

Wondering where you came from, how long you have survived,
How far have been your travels, why here is where you hide?
How old are you? How strong are you? Your beauty’s still intact.
Though you have changed so drastically, you’re gorgeous it’s a fact.
How many hands have held you? What violence did you endure?
For even through it all, your beauty’s still so pure.
maybe not to all, but surely to many eyes,
a treasure to our hearts, a kiss that brings our sighs.
A life of turbulence, possibly a hundred years,
From the sea to shores, fire, blood, sweat and tears.
I’m sure you’ve seen it all, if only you could share
your many odd adventures, of why, with who, and where.
How you were created? What purpose did you serve?
Where were you discarded? And who then had the nerve?
Was it accidental or in a fit of rage
or an act of jealousy? My questions fill this page.
Cast away and broken swiftly at a cost,
shattered and alone pieces of you were lost.
Years and years of tumbling in currents you were drowned.
Tossed about so callously, till now you have been found.
You rest in quiet serenity laying nestled in the sand.
A jewel along the shore, I cup you in my hand.
Softened by mother nature perfected by father time
exquisitely a gem, once someone else’s, now you’re mine.
You waited there so patiently I think it’s meant to be,
That I shall treasure you always. My jewel, please stay with me.