Sharing the powerful healing energies of crystals

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Sharing the powerful healing energies of crystals

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How I discovered the power of crystals

Crystals became a crucial part of my personal and spiritual growth journey when I moved to Asia. I met Angel in Singapore 3 weeks after I moved from San Francisco. Initially, I purchased Angel Beads because I worked in an office and wanted to protect myself from electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by computers and phones. But they quickly helped me find the balance that I needed. I was having trouble sleeping at the time because of stress and anxiety induced from work, and Angel activated the crystals so they would help ground and relax me. After wearing them for a few weeks, my anxiety and stress decreased. I was more calm and could sleep better. Shortly after, I started learning about other crystals and introduced them to my meditation practice.

Crystals transformed me by helping me release limiting belief systems, bad habits, and negative energies. More importantly, they introduced me to energy work and the magic available within each of us. I created Angel Beads to share the powerful healing energies so that you, too, can go within and unlock unlimited personal growth.

What are crystals?
Crystals formed over hundreds of thousands of years on earth and other planets. Their chemical compositions reveal astounding atomic symmetry since they are solids that form by a repeated pattern of molecules. Each crystal emits frequencies sort of like an energy generator. Every crystal holds unique healing properties and pure love. Individuals can amplify, transform, hold, and channel energy through these healing tools.

The level of energies in a crystal are crucial for it to work effectively. Angel Beads commits to using the highest quality crystals and we activate the crystals so that they are energized.

What are Angel Beads?
Our bracelets are made by Angel Lian with loving and healing energy. Angel is an energy healer with 15 years of experience. She carefully selects a combination of crystals to amplify the vibration of the beads. For example, imagine that you are trying to start a fire and imagine doing that with just a match and firewood. Wouldn’t it be much easier starting the fire with a match, wood, and gasoline? The combinations of our crystals work in the same way, in order to amplify the power of the beads. Each bracelet is made with the highest quality crystals carefully sourced from Hong Kong.

Proper technique is required for the energy of the crystals to be fully activated and expressed. Our expert healer has perfected a technique that guarantees that your crystals will be activated and energized. When Angel ties your beads, she sends them loving and grounding energies. Without the proper technique, the power of crystals remain dormant or they vibrate at lower frequencies. Angel energizes the beads with spiritual, grounding energy that allows positive energies to flow to the wearer. Angel Beads should only be worn on the left hand as the left side is for receiving positive energies into the soul and body.

Personalizing your beads
Our healer creates individualized crystal combinations based on your current circumstances and problems. The images here are examples of bracelets she's created. When you invest in your own Angel Beads, we will create customized beads for you. Once the request is sent (by messaging me) I will follow up with details.

Please note that because these are customized prices vary. The base price of the beads is $68 but the entire cost depends on what type of crystals the healer will use based on what you need. We will send you an estimate before making your Angel Beads to ensure you are happy with your beads and the cost.

It's important to note that crystals vary significantly in quality, and this is often reflected in the pricing. The level of energies in a crystal are crucial for it to work effectively. This is why we only use authentic, genuine crystals.

Your crystals are living beings and proper care is crucial. In order to receive the highest benefit from your Angel Beads, you will receive a complimentary manual to ensure that your crystals are vibrating at their highest frequencies. We'll also be happy to answer any questions you have about working with your crystals.

Keep your Angel Beads away from harsh chemicals like perfumes and household chemicals. Remove your crystals when swimming and showering.

Personal cleansing is available upon request. Once you receive your beads, if you want to be cleansed email us and the healer will do a distant energy cleansing. Please note that this service is offered at an additional cost.

Beads available in sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm (6mm for children). The sizes of the beads should be based on body size (if your weight/height) are higher than average then you will need larger beads in order for your body to adequately absorb and benefit from the crystal’s frequencies. Please note that 10mm is the most common size used. We are happy to recommend the perfect size for you.

TO GET THE PERFECT FIT: Measure your wrist snugly just below the wrist bone and include your wrist measurement in the notes section at checkout. Please write "Wrist measurement: ______ inches.”

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