Heartsail's Shop Announcement

**9/15 - I will finally be able to get some things listed this coming week! It seems that all my lovelies find new homes before I can even get a picture taken of them. (lol) things should start filling in starting Monday, so check back here at that time . . .

Also, I will be making an appearance at the "Lubbock Pride Fest 2011" in Lubbock, Texas on October 8th! For more information on the event please see their facebook page at!/lubbockpride2011

**9/7 - In celebration of the coming Fall Equinox, I am offering free shipping on all domestic orders over $25!!! Enter code "FALL11" at checkout . . . but hurry, because this offer ends September 30th! oxoxo


Greetings and thank you for visiting my whimsical little shop! I am an artist that has her hands in many mediums and here you will find free-spirited and vivid upcycled creations made from recycled knits & silk, as well as unique jewelry ranging from earthy and charming to the funky and adventurous. I am very passionate about what I do, and a great deal of joy is put into every meticulous stitch and twist of metal. It is my hope that every delightful little creation that I make will find its intended owner and brighten their journey through this world.


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I am proud member of EcoEtsy.

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