HeatingPad's Shop Announcement

HEATING PAD of sustainable HEMP Linen. REFILLABLE, Washable add Lavender Eucalyptus etc and refresh as needed. Machine Wash & Dry. Filled with flax seed for Moist Heat Therapy. These Heating Pads will last and last and last.

Our Hemp Heating Pad comes in 3 very useful sizes.

NECK HEATING PAD is about 6"x27" and perfect for wrapping around your neck and shoulders or folded in half and used across the lower back lumbar region or on the abdomen for cramps.

SMALL HEATING PAD is about 11"x14" and is great for spot applications. Directly on your knee or abdomen. Place it against the lower back of your chair for lumbar support and soothing warmth. This is a very nice bed warmer for children.

LARGE HEATING PAD about 11"x27" is large enough to cover the entire spine on most people from head to tailbone. It is also a very generous shoulder and neck wrap. Doubled over it works for spot applications like the small heating pad but with double the warming power.
This heating pad is an awesome bed warmer. I usually place it, full length where I am going to lay down then push it down towards my feet when i get in bed and it stays there the rest of the night. Or sometimes I will drape it across my lower back for the night Under the covers it stays warm all night!

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