Hegemony77com's Shop Announcement

Here you can find high quality, well fitting clothing for one sixth scale collectible action figures and fashion dolls such Hot Toys, Fashion Royalty, Barbie, Ken, Blythe, Momoko, Pullip, Taeyang, Dal, Monster High, 27 - 11 cm Obitsu and Petite Blythe... these are OOAK or really very limited edition clothes that you can not find anywhere else and they are ready to ship in 1-2 business days.

Read the "Policies" and the "Item Details" before you buy!

If you're looking for a specific / certain size of clothing, you may find it more easier if you contact me or use the "Shop Sections" or the "Search in this shop" option - this option is available in the Etsy mobile application and in the standard desktop view (you can switch it on the bottom of the page, in a mobile browser) - write the names of the dolls into the search box such "Ken" (always without quotes)

...or use "TTM 19" if you want standard body size 1/6 scale male figure clothes, use "TTM 20" if you want XXL size advanced muscular figure clothes.

From the waist up (T-shirts, etc) I use the same size for normal figures, slim figures and the male fashion dolls such Fashion Royalty Homme and Ken.

From the waist down (underwears, pants, trousers), my Ken doll size clothes fit slim 1/6 figures. My standard 12 inch action figure size underwears, pants, trousers are bigger than Ken size, and the XXL, advanced muscular figure (TTM 20) size clothes are more bigger.

If you use the mobile view in a mobile browser you still can search in this shop: type "Hegemony77" first in the Etsy search box (always without quotes) and then the size. For example: "Hegemony77 Ken" or "Hegemony77 Fashion Royalty male" and so on

There are overlaps between the sizes of dolls and figures so do not be confused if the dolls and/or figures - in the photos - are different from what you are looking for. The clothes will fit your doll or figure too, if the size or the name of your doll or figure is listed in the "Item Details"