1/6th scale clothes for figures, dolls, collectors...

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1/6th scale clothes for figures, dolls, collectors...

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Monika and Szilard Hegedus

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1/6th scale unique quality clothing for collectible poseable action figures and fashion dolls - for example, but not limited to Hot Toys TTM 19, TTM 20, Phicen, Fashion Royalty Homme, Ken, Barbie...

The time spent with one-sixth scale figures and fashion dolls provides a positive feeling. They cause a lot of fun and happiness. We often find ourselves impressed by their beauty. We are emotionally attached to them. Therefore we think our beloved dolls and figures deserve clothes that are worthy of this: unique, high quality, well made, OOAK or really very limited edition clothes.

My creations are opportunities for you to create, perfect, customise, personalise, kitbash your own unique dolls/figures. I make my creations with love, care and attention to details for adult collectors, hobbyists, customizers, players, photographers, kitbashers and others who are able to appreciate and see the difference and the value in these high end, artist-grade, top notch quality, hand crafted, hand tailored and/or hand knitted 1/6th scale collectibles.

It's not just simple clothes making but also a kind of art. My creations were accepted with praise and certified by the jury of Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art - Fine and Applied Art Department but of course there is no more valuable than the satisfaction of my many returning customers.

I am always full of ideas and concepts and never stop looking for ways to improve and evolve. It took decades for me to get to the current level. The journey began a long time ago:

I was six years old when my mother taught me to crochet, eight when the girl next door taught me to knit. Then I got a 10 cm doll as a gift and started to make clothes for her. The neighbour lady’s granddaughter had the same doll. I made doll clothes for her too. She gave me fabrics in exchange for doll clothes. Then I also made clothes for my niece’s Barbie doll.

Adults asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and they laughed when I said that "I want to be a doll clothes maker."

As a child I started to sew by hand then I learned at several schools, to sew with a sewing machine, create sewing patterns and so on. This way I became a fashion designer, pattern maker and tailor by educational attainment and my profession is my passion too.

In 2009, a friend who knew I can sew asked me to repair clothes of her daughter’s Barbie doll. It reminded me of how much I love to make clothing for dolls so I bought a Barbie and I started making doll clothes again. A lot of doll clothing accumulated...

I was searching for amigurumi patterns when I found Etsy. I saw Barbie doll clothes on it and my husband encouraged me to start selling my own. Custom requests started to come, we followed the demand and became acquainted with Momoko, Blythe, Pullip, Monster High, Fashion Royalty dolls ...and finally the 1/6th scale collectable movable action figures. We started to get involved in the one-sixth scale world. Again and more seriously than when we were kids.

We also collect happy returning customers and want you in our collection :)

Shop members

  • Monika

    Owner, Creator, Designer

    My nickname Hegemony77 came from the merging of my real first and last names and my birth date. I am a fashion designer, pattern-maker and tailor by educational attainment. I love to create miniature clothes, since my childhood.

  • Szilard

    Owner, Marketer, Curator

    I encouraged my wife to begin selling her own creations and I help her in this. There is a lot to do besides the actual making of the clothes.

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Frequently asked questions

By default, we send our items with standard shipping, WITHOUT tracking, but sometimes we decide to buy tracking number or signature on delivery service, at our expense, for peace of mind. IF YOU WANT tracking number or signature on delivery, upgrade the shipping method during the checkout!

The shipping cost the same regardless of quantity so the more you buy at the same time, the more you save on shipping

Shipping usually takes 3-14 days within Europe, 7-20 days to the USA and other places outside of Europe.

We send all my items on weekdays, 1-2 business days after payment received. From the United Kingdom, a smoke-free, pet-free, clean home, in smoothing ziplock bag and padded envelope as large letter so this is not a parcel and therefore no need customs/price declaration on it (according to an employee working at the post office)

You don't have to pay duty and there are no customs checks within the European Union

Are your fabrics pre-washed and colourfast? - How to remove stains from fashion dolls and 1/6 scale figures - Care instructions

I make my creations as durable, resistant and long lasting as possible. My fabrics are pre-washed, but I can not be sure that the clothes do not leave stains under any circumstances. Anyway, I received a lot of positive feedback in the past years, but no feedback about any staining.

You can remove stains for example with 10% of benzoyl peroxide cream (common acne medication ingredient) or in the case of sticky bodies like Phicen, use talcum powder which also makes the dressing much easier.

The disappearance of the stains may take up to one week or more. I made a video about this. You can find it and another stain removal methods on the Internet.

Sizing details

Here you can find 1/6th scale unique quality, well-fitting clothing for collectable movable action figures and fashion dolls such Hot Toys, Phicen, Fashion Royalty, Barbie, Ken, 25 cm Obitsu...

Do not be confused if the dolls and/or figures - in the photos - are different from what you are looking for. There are overlaps between the sizes of dolls and figures so the clothes fit your doll or figure too if the size or the name of your doll or figure is listed in the "Item Details"

...but it often happens that the clothes fit a doll or figure, whose name not mentioned. If you are not sure about sizes and measurements check out my size help comparison photos with inches and centimetres (next to some of my product photos) but now keep reading!

More sizing details about similar-sized and different sized 1/6 scale figures and fashion dolls

I make a larger, XXL size for the bigger 1/6 scale male figures and male dolls like Hot Toys TTM 20, Phicen M34, Tom of Finland, Billy by Totem...

From the waist up: (T-shirts, tank tops, jackets, etc)

- Usually, I make one size for standard / normal size male figures, slim male figures and male fashion dolls such Fashion Royalty Homme and Ken

From the waist down: (underwears, pants, trousers)

- My Ken doll size clothes fit slim male figures and female figures too.

- My standard 12-inch action figure size male underwears are bigger than Ken size and also fit Fashion Royalty Homme male dolls.

- The legs of the Fashion Royalty male dolls are longer than the standard 12-inch figure legs so I make longer trousers for them.

Custom and personalised orders

Currently, I do not take custom orders but if you would like something in which I see potential there is some chance that I'll do it sometime in the future so it's always worth a try, show me photos of what you would like,
describe it in detail (size, colour...) and then we'll see if I'll do it or not.

I noticed that for most shirts I saw, the description said "without closure"

"without closure" means that the shirt doesn't have something like velcro, buttons or clips at the back and you need to pull it over the figure's body to dress it. It is easier to do if you remove the head but in most cases, it is also possible without removing the head. The fabric stretchable enough to pull over the figure's and doll's shoulders, they will (or should) look like in our photos because we dress them exactly the same way when we take the photos of them.

Why these 1/6 scale clothes are "so expensive"

Prices depend on several factors. For example supply and demand, uniqueness, quality, expenses such hourly wage, the time required for the creation... Actually, if we consider these, our clothes are not expensive at all.

Our clothes for dolls and 1/6 scale figures are unique, high quality, well made, durable, OOAK or very limited edition (few pieces). You can not find them anywhere else.

I make them with love, care and attention to details for collectors, players, photographers and others who are able to appreciate and see the value and the difference in these hand-tailored or hand knitted things. It takes lots of time to create them.

These are NOT mass produced factory doll clothes from the nearest Toy Store.

How to search and find the right size clothes for 1/6 scale figures and fashion dolls in my shop on Etsy, with the global search box

There are two different search box on Etsy. The global Etsy search box: "Search for items or shops" - it's only a magnifying glass symbol in the mobile application. If you use this, always type "Hegemony77" first (without quotes) and then the size or name of the doll or figure. For example: "Hegemony77 TTM19" or "Hegemony77 TTM20" and so on

How to search only in our shop (and not the whole Etsy)

To search only in my shop (and not the whole Etsy) use the "Search items" box or in the mobile application the "Search shop" box.

Write the name of the 1/6 figure or doll into the search box for example "TTM19" (without quotes) if you want standard / normal body size 1/6 scale male action figure clothes, use "TTM20" if you want larger, "XXL" size 1/6 scale clothes for bigger 1/6 figures and bigger male fashion dolls.