HeidiEgermanDesigns' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Etsy Shop. Who doesn't love the beach. This month I am featuring some of my favorite pieces of beach jewelry. Most of these pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations. If you are interested in something specific, please feel free to contact me for a special order. Come back in the coming months to see my new line of garden jewelry.

If this is your first visit, you will see a variety of unique, handmade pieces of jewelry that I designed and produced using various metals and fabrication tools and techniques. You can see more about me and how I work at Check out the "About" link on Etsy to see pictures of my shop and the tools that I use.

In addition to my torch and kiln, you’ll see one-of-a-kind cuff bracelets fabricated using my prized rolling mill and beloved hand-built hydraulic press. These tools, coupled with the wonderful versatility of metal, produce results that are sometimes unexpected, often unique, and always personal. If you don’t find something you simply can’t live without today, maybe you’ll find something you admire or treasure. I’m always up for a conversation about a specific piece of jewelry, a fabrication technique that I’m using or just to say hello!

See my website at

Thank you for visiting.
Heidi Egerman