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I have been working with beads for 35 years. How fortunate I am to work at home living in the Colorado mountains. Inspiration pouring in each window, my dogs at my side as copilots and fellow companions, though I haven't trained the dogs to help much with the business end of things. I still do it all myself from, designing, beading, filling orders to teaching it's all me. But you know I wouldn't have it any other way, I love the excitement and challenge of it all.

Etsy Has been a great experience for me as a place to sell my art. I have had great success selling and I also find some really great components and art to buy here too. I love the whole Etsy site it makes my art look amazing and inviting and I enjoy visiting everyday to see how my shop looks and see whats new.

I hope you feel the same way when you come visit my shop,
Peacefully Heidi Kummli
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Heidi Kummli
Owner, Bead Artist
Even when I was a we little person I was making art. I just kept following my heart, and here I am at 53 still doing it..... Wow I feel so fortunate to make a living from something I love and am.

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