HeldinaLine's Shop Announcement

Looking for colourful drawings of concrete stairs? You're in the right place.

The Held in a Line shop brings you prints of everyone's favourite period of Architecture: Late Modernism, also known as Brutalism.

Inside you'll find a collection of architectural drawings, original hand drawings and some movie posters. Architecture from Scottish castles to the mid-century modern of Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra and the late modern period of Le Corbusier, and its descendants in British brutalism.

All Architectural prints are made personally with the highest quality materials. By making them myself I can ensure consistent quality and attention to detail. However this also allows for the prints to be highly customisable - so if you like a print, but want a different colour palette, aspect ratio (rectangle rather than square), or even if you would like some text on the prints, just ask and I'll help you out (free!).

Interested in several prints? I'm always happy to make a custom multiple order with discount.

If you don't see a building you like, or have a favourite, why not send a message and suggest it.

All the best,


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