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Note from shop owner Back Soon with our Flower Elixirs and new products, after all the approvals needed due to the new export rules have been completed.
Heart wishes, Irene ☮

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Aug 4, 2022

Back Soon with our Flower Elixirs and new products, after all the approvals needed due to the new export rules have been completed.
Heart wishes, Irene ☮

Irene Delimitrou

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Irene Delimitrou


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My life journey

Mother Nature was always a warm hug for me..

I grew up without my parents, as they were both working abroad. I was raised by my grandmother. The forest near my home was my family, spending many hours playing with my beloved trees and plants, stones and little animals.

Gradually, I began to discover and understand the special relationship and connection I had with all plants and trees. It became clear to me why my spirit had chosen this kind of childhood for me, in order to energize me and activate deeply into my existence the bond with nature as my family and the way I have to communicate with plant creatures.

Going into teens and for many years after, I lost myself into life........but my soul retreat was always Nature, my beloved trees, plants and herbs. When I wanted to calm my spirit and center myself, I used to read about herbs, write about plants and go back to the forest.

When I gave birth to my daughter, Maria and after a year we spent in the hospitals together due to many health problems she had, it became a necessity for me to dive into myself and connect with my inner truth, in order to survive and to find and gather all my strength to manage the situation with my child in the best way.

So I studied Herbalism, Natural Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of the human body, Gemmotherapy, Homeopathic Suessler salts, Shamanic healing techniques, the healing powers of sound with quartz crystal singing bowls and other natural sounds and of course Flower essences.

All my childhood experience and connection with nature acted supportively as my base for the scientific knowledge of mother Nature and its healing powers. When I started making flower elixirs myself, all my beloved trees and plants that were my heartfriends and family, playing with me when I was a child, were talking to me for their vibrational healing qualities and teaching me how to stand consciously in presence and walk in nature at this level of sacredness.

When Maria was two years old, I had a diagnosis for Autism for her, and furthermore I was to raise her alone, as a divorce came, too. She was my biggest teacher, dedicated to me as I was dedicated to her, teaching me how to be conscious to who I am, here and now, every minute of my life, how to find and cherish the diamonds offered in every experience and how to focus on what our existence emits to the world around us, which is the real value of what we are, as creative source spirits.

She is 12 years old now, a magnificent creature, pure spirit, full of love and truth, healing everyone around her with her "angel" vibrations.

During this difficult but revealing inner journey of raising an autistic child (my little angel and teacher) alone, I found within me the artist, the healer, the teacher, the alchemist, the channel to the plant world and other dimensions and the Druid, being aware of the world vibrations and frequencies. ✫✫

Blending the forces of nature together in alchemy, collaborating with the four elements of Aristotle and through the ethereal net of Plato, is how I materialize spirit in my handmade Hellenic Flower Elixirs ❋

The energized Water, the Air of transformation, the ancient greek "root energy" Earth and Nature, the Fire of the greek sun, all my love from deep in my heart, all my joy for what I create and I can offer you as my service to the world and my devoted presence as a conscious being are the ingredients I use and work with, for all of you my heartfriends :)

In depth of material there is a frequency wave!
In depth of every living creature there is also a frequency wave of soul qualities!
These vibrations of a bouquet of plant creatures have enriched the water of the Hellenic Flower Elixirs to be transferred to you, in order to regain your inner balance and enhance your consciousness.

I see divinity in everything and everyone, cooperating with mother Nature to help people find their pure and loving self within. Fully respecting the unique spirit and individuality of each person, as a whole sacred entity, I create a hug of natural therapy qualities, suggesting the appropriate herbs for your body and the appropriate personal blend of Hellenic Flower Elixirs to regain your psychological and emotional balance, true self consciousness and well being, in private sessions, by zoom or skype.

I offer my knowledge and experience in seminars for the Hellenic Flower Elixirs on line by zoom or skype and soon in webinars too, for all of you having this internal call.

I am very happy to be a member of Etsy family and I am very grateful to all of you for your support and your feedback ❤ You make real my dream to live my passion and my truth everyday and make it possible to me to be of service to the world, by offering you "help in a bottle" from greek nature and from my heart. ❤

Love ❤
Irene (in greek : Ei-rih-nih, which means Peace) ✌☮

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  • Irene Delimitrou

    Owner, Creator

    I am the creator of the Hellenic Flower Elixirs in greek nature and owner of the shop. Being an holistic herbalist, flower essence advisor and teacher for 10 years now, I will do my best to share a unique, quality experience of my products with you.

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Frequently asked questions
What is the difference between essential oils and flower essences ?

Essential oils and flower essences are completely different things. Essential oils contain the scent of the flower and are produced in a completely different way as they are the distillate of the flowers. Flower essences are vibrational infusions of the flowers in water, containing just the vibrational imprint and qualities of the flower, saved in the water molecules. So, there is NO scent in flower essences.

Can different flower essences be mixed together in the same bottle ?

Yes, you can mix up to four different flower essences in the same bottle, as follows : Fill a bigger empty bottle of 50 ml, after boiling the glass and cleaning its dropper well, with 2/3 water and 1/3 alcohol or other preservative. Then you energize its content with 9 drops from EACH energizer stock bottle you will receive. The vibrational data will enrich the whole liquid quantity of the bigger bottle, you can use this till it ends and then you make another one, in the same way.

Can worldwide flower essences combine together in the same blend ?

Yes, you can combine the Hellenic Flower Essences with any other Flower Essences of the world, if you wish to, keeping in mind not to put too many flower essences in the same bottle as it may turn out chaotic, or too strong.

Are the Hellenic Flower Essences compatible with Homeopathy or other alternative practices ?

Yes, flower essences in general can be used together with other alternative practices, but you have to ask for the advice of your practitioner.

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